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Light Wood Park Specials

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Abalone Pendant

 Width: 1.0cm Length:3.0cm

Price: $30.00 (AUD) 

Amber Bracelet

Length: 18cm Length

Price: $ 80.00 (AUD)

Amethyst Oval Pendant

Width: 3.0cm Length:5.5cm

Price: $70.00 (AUD)

Amethyst Square Pendant

Width: 2.5cm Length 5.0cm

Price: $55.00 (AUD)

Amethyst Oval Pendant

Width: 2.2cm Length:3.4cm

Price:$50.00 (AUD)

Amethyst Square Pendant

Width: 2.5cm      Length:1.5cm

Price:$45.00 (AUD)

Amethyst Necklace

-with S-clasp

Length: 42cm

Price: $60.00 (AUD)

Black Onyx Necklace

with S-Clasp and 36cm chain

Width: 5.5cm Length: 2.0cm

Price: $50.00(AUD)

Black Onyx Bracelet

Length: 18.00cm

Price: $40.00 (AUD)

Carnelian Oval Pendant

Width: 1.5cm Length: 2.5cm

Price: $25.00 (AUD)

Carelian Triangular Teardrop Pendant

Width: 2.2cm Length: 3.0cm

Price: 40.00 (AUD)

Carnelian Necklace

-this is a stunning piece of craftmanship, has S-clasp


Main Stone - Width: 3.0cm Length: 5.5cm

Chain: 36cm


Price:$ 90.00(AUD)



Crystal Properties

Quartz - Rose















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