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Light Wood Park Specials 2

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Chiastalite Pendant     

Size: Width:1.5cm Length:3.0cm

Price: $30.00 (AUD)

Chryscolla / Azurite Pendant

Size: Width:2.0cm Length:2.5cm

Price: $45.00 (AUD)

Chrysocolla Oval Pendant

Size: Width: 2.0cm Length:3.3cm

Price: $45.00 (AUD)

Citrine           Pendant

Size: Width: 3.5cm Length:5.0cm

Price:$70.00 (AUD)

Falcons Eye Pendant


Size: WIdth:1.5cm Length:5.0cm

Price: $45.00 (AUD)

Falcons Eye Oval Pendant with Inclusions

Size: Width:2.8cm Length:3.5cm

Price: $45.00 (AUD)

Falcons Eye Oval Pendant with Inclusions

Size: Width: 2.5cm Length:3.5cm


Fluorite Rainbow Teardrop        Pendant

Size: Width: 2.5cm Length:3.00cm

Price: $50.00

Garnet Necklace with 6 Tiers of Garnets Teardrops

This is an absolutely gorgeous necklace

Size: Width: 8.5cm                  Length:3.7cm

Price:$90.00 (AUD)

Labradorite Necklace with 6 Tiers of Labradorites Teardrops

as above this is another stunning necklace, very unique.

Size: Width: 8.5cm              Length:3.7cm

Price: $90.00 (AUD)



Crystal Properties

Quartz - Rose















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