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Qi gong

Qi gong (pronounced chee-gung) is an ancient Chinese exercise system combining meditation and slow, gentle movements to promote health and relaxation. The qi gong student learns to visualize an invisible energy field known as qi (life force) and move it through the body to balance and heal dysfunction.

Is some 5,000 years old and is mentioned 3,000 years ago in The Yellow Emperor’s classic of Internal Medicine.

Qi gong, or 'energy work', has been considered one of the main pillars of Chinese medicine along with acupuncture, herbal treatment, massage and diet. Over 80 million Chinese practice qigong daily, and in the West its popularity has steadily increased over the last decade. Qi gong is the forebear of exercises like t'ai chi and dao-in (chinese yoga).

Qi gong is considered an effective therapy for a host of chronic illnesses that are considered difficult to treat with Western medicine, including arthritis, asthma, diabetes, hypertension and chronic pain to mention a few. Qi gong is beneficial for stress reduction and has a spiritual development aspect as well.

In Chinese medicine, all disease stems from an imbalance in the qi as it moves through twelve "meridians" or channels of the body. These energy channels cannot be seen with the human eye like the circulatory system, but they can be detected and manipulated using acupuncture points along the meridians.

A principle of qigong is that 'the mind leads the qi, and the qi leads the blood'. This means that one uses the mind to guide and enhance the flow of qi through the meridians.

Medical Qi gong (Chi Kung) therapy is a form of Chinese energetic medicine, and is one of the four foundational schools of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Qi in this context is translated to mean ‘Life force energy’ and Gong is translated to mean ‘Acquired skill’.

Medical Qi gong therapy and prescriptions combine the use of breath work with individual physical movements, creative visualisation, and perceptual intention.

The primary goal is to purge toxic emotions from within the body’s tissues, eliminate energetic stagnations, as well as strengthen and balance the internal and energetic fields.

This type of energetic healing is akin to the Japanese system known as ‘Reiki.’

Both ‘Qi gong’ energy healing and ‘Reiki’ energy healing walk side by side, Reiki being the softer of the two energetically. Qi gong’s energetic feel is that of being more intense.

Both Reiki and Qi gong tap into the universal life force energy, but at different frequencies. You might use for an example listening to two different FM radio stations, although different are still on the same bandwidth

Do your body a favour relax and revitalise yourself at the same time.

See also Reiki for further information.

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