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Interpersonal Counselling

Interpersonal counseling is as the suggests, more personal approach to meet the client’s needs in Counselling.

Client’s input is sort to implement into their everyday lives, bettering their self esteem and self image thus allowing for a more positive outlook on life.

Each client together with their therapist engages in a pro-active role to identify and implement a solution based, comfortable and workable set of steps appropriate to that client’s needs. This is done in order for them to function in their everyday life with a more positive state of mind and better self image.

Clients may choose to incorporate other modalities like ego state therapy or clinical hypnotherapy offered to further enhance their session and needs.

A more spiritual approach is taken allowing that person’s free will and encouraging their own positive input. This is done at a pace that is comfortable and appropriate for that individual client and for their well being.


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