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Ego State Therapy

What is Ego State Therapy?

It is a therapy that furthers our awareness of the self; therefore the 'me' or the 'ego' inside each of us. It is the 'me' that focuses on emotional upset, on working, laughing, being playful, or on fears and so forth.

We each have experience of our ego from our past that we have formed through our earliest experiences, memories and events in that past.

The ego exists in what is termed - states. If you were to look at yourself right now, you would actually be looking at your 'me state' or 'ego state' the state of your ego at this moment. It could be for example a “happy state” or a “un happy state.”

We all have more than one simple state; in fact, we are made up of an ego family of states. Sometimes you may feel like a very different person in your attitudes or reactions.You are actually a person, who is made up of a number of different states that each have their own emotion, weakness and sense of power or personal traits and so forth.

Being that we all have  many different ego states which we can choose from, it is then possible to be taught/learn, to change from an out of control or negative state to a more positive or favourable state.

We all have states that carry pain for example, it is very possible to ascertain and assist the particular state or states that require resolution in order that the state or states function in a more integrated fashion.

Some ego states choose to be covert and respond better, when ego state therapy is combined with hypnotherapy where as surface states can be worked with, or without hypnotherapy still achieving outstanding results for the client. Working with ego states can nurture an improved psychological, physical experience and participation of life.

It is a goal of Ego State Therapy to understand and identify each client’s non integrated ego state or states, learn which they are and work with them to foster harmonious integration of each leading to a better more harmonious and well balanced  life for the client.


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