Crystal Healing

Crystals have been around for millenniums and their ornate beauty and healing properties are very well documented.

For one example, Egyptians used crystals both precious, and semi precious to adorn themselves, for their healing qualities, for ceremonial status symbols and religious practices.

Through most cultures be it Egyptian, Hellenic, Chinese, Irish, Anglo Saxon, Indian and so forth, both precious and semi precious crystals/stones have been and are used until this day for much the same reasons.

We wonder at their beauty and receive benefit from their healing properties and mineral make up.

Applications for crystals are even wider spread in today’s environment and social structures in electronic technology and medicine.

Your (liquid crystal display) L C D television, your watch, in your computer and its monitor, medical lasers, to mention but only a few machines in which crystals are used.

Speaking of L C D technology Mr Marcel Vogel pioneered this technology while working at the I B M computer corporation joining them full time from 1954.

In 1974 he made breakthroughs in the field of crystals and their applications to technologies and pioneered especially liquid crystal display technology we know and use today, he is credited with many patents.

Marcel Vogel also worked with sacred geometry and found correlations in faceting clear quartz crystals to geometric formulas produced amazing results.

By faceting clear quartz crystals, he found that his methods serve to amplify the energies produced from the quartz for use in healing with excellent results whether in Chakra balancing, Auric alignment, muscular pain and anomalies or energetic system repair.He is only one of many who have worked and work with natures gifts (Crystals) to help people heal.

Crystal healing is offered to clients in need of Chakra Balance, Auric alignment, energetic system repair, muscular and physical ailments.

Each session is tailored to the individual client and for the betterment of their wellbeing.

Crystal assignment is also offered to clients if they so choose to aid in emotional well being, repair of physical ailments and for spiritual development. Each piece is specifically chosen for that person depending on what they need for example, for an energy boost as a calmative or an aid in meditation and so forth. Tailored for that individual this can be done in person or not.


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